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 OC Newborn Nanny

Overnight Newborn Care Specialist and Parent Coach

Serving Orange County


As a seasoned mother of two grown boys and a career nanny with 25 years of experience, I'm passionate about caring for little ones and I'd love to help you navigate this exciting time. 


I actively further my newborn expertise through extensive training and I am passionate about parent education in addition to caring for little ones. Whether it's overnight support, travel care, prenatal and newborn coaching, sleep consultation, or potty training -  let's chat about how I can help you and your family!

Text me anytime, I'll respond within 24 hours: (714) 866-9182

Mother and Baby

Overnight Newborn Care & Other Services

Overnight Newborn Care

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Possessing a wealth of knowledge about newborn care, I provide overnight support so that you can rest easy and focus on healing knowing your little one is in good hands. (Need daytime support? We can chat about that too!) I also love supporting families with multiples and preemies. Typical shifts range from 8-12 hours in length, 4-6 days days a week. 


        My support includes: 

  • Change diapers

  • Feed and burp baby

  • Bring baby to you if you'd like to nurse at night

  • Soothe baby back to sleep

  • Sleep condition per parental preference

  • Keep a log of eating/sleeping/diapers

  • Wash/sanitize baby bottles and pump parts

  • Baby laundry

  • Tidy Nursery

Baby Prep & Parent Coaching

Through mentoring and coaching, I meet each parent where they are in their personal parenting journey and help support and encourage them while building their confidence. I can provide educational support before baby's arrival in preparation for your journey, as well as after baby comes home. 

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Sleep Training & Conditioning

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Sleep is essential to every family’s well being. Without adequate sleep, children cannot function at their best, nor can the parents.


Every child’s sleep needs can differ. What works for one child and their family might not work for another, which is why my sleep training approach is catered to your family's goals and curated to your child's specific needs and abilities.


Allow me an opportunity to end sleep deprivation for your family!

Travel Support

Traveling with a child doesn't have to be stressful!


I ensure that your child's needs are met, and that they stay on their schedule all while balancing the changes in their daily routine. Let's make sure you enjoy the trip!


Special Events

Whether you have a wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, bridal shower, or just a family event, my special event services are perfect for families who wish to include their children all while being able to enjoy the festivities, without missing out on the fun.

Potty Training

Are you struggling, frustrated or simply nervous about potty training?


As a certified Potty Trainer (yes, that's a thing!) I consult, guide, and encourage parents on how to successfully potty train their child via phone or in person.


Whether you're unsure how to begin or you've run into roadblocks, I'm here to support and encourage you and your child through this major milestone development of achieving autonomy.


Nursery Organization

Organizing the nursery can be a daunting task.


I work with you to fulfill your specific needs and expectations and help bring to life your dream nursery while ensuring that it's both functional and useful.

What My Clients Say

I would recommend Suzi to a best friend. You'll be really happy with her. Great communicator, very reliable, amazing with baby! Suzi is honestly amazing - Don't even think twice about it! Just hire her and you'll love her. She has a really positive energy, she's super detailed oriented, very knowledgeable, clean, takes feedback well, lot's of energy! I will definitely be hiring her when I have my second child!

Ken R.

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Text me anytime, I'll respond within 24 hours. (714) 866-9182

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