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Potty Training 

Journey to Potty Training Success: From Diaper Days to Celebratory Praise!

You've likely heard it all, rummaged through potty training guides, and tried various methods on how to potty train a child, only to face more trials and errors. It's a dance of steps forward and a few steps back, isn't it? But here's the hope: With the right potty training advice specific to your child and understanding the essential do's and don'ts, I create a tailored strategy for your toddler. Whether you're seeking effective potty training tips or hoping for that ease of transition from diapers to potty within a week, together, we'll navigate this journey, from overwhelming mishaps to success. Welcome to the next chapter in your parenting adventure!

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What My Clients Say

When I was about to start potty training my 3 year old son, I was nervous. He’s very strong willed and was very adamant that he needed diapers and that he was a baby still. I talked to Suzi and not only did she give me a ton of great tips, but she made me feel more confident. But on top of that, she made sure to check in and encouraged me along the way.

I’d highly recommend anyone who needs potty training help to talk to Suzi. She’s fantastic.

Stacey W.

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Potty training doesn't have to feel like you're navigating a maze without a map. Let's journey through this together and find the best route for your little one!

My Potty Training Assistance is tailored just for parents like you, who want to bypass the overwhelming bulk of generic advice and zero in on strategies that are evidence based and work. Whether you've already taken the first steps in potty training and hit a bump, or you're just starting out and preparing your child for this transition, I'm here to help you overcome those challenges and guide you toward success. Let's team up to make this a much smoother and more rewarding process!

My Potty Training Sessions Include:

Your Personalized Training Plan:

I'm Here Whenever You Need:

I understand every child is unique, which is why those generic methods might not always be the best fit. I'll craft a potty training plan just for you, tailored around your child's specific needs and pace.

It's all about making the process feel natural and stress-free for both you and your little one.

Potty training comes with its fair share of questions and, surprises. That's why I offer on-call support. Whenever you're faced with an unexpected hiccup or just need a bit of advice—day or night—I'm here to guide you through.

Keeping Track Together:

Consistency and understanding the process is crucial. Together, we'll monitor your child's progress. I'll provide feedback and insights, highlighting the victories and discussing areas that might need a bit more attention. It's all about ensuring we're on the right path to potty success.

Please Note: My 1 month Step by Step "Virtual Support" is only offered with my Let's get started package. 

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$179 ~ Ask me anything!

*1 hour phone consultation

* Potty training plan of action

* Personalized supply list

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$449 ~ Let's get started!

* 1 hour phone consultation. 

* Potty training plan of action.

* Personalized supply list. 

* 1 month step by step support.

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$800 ~ Half Day Support!

*Half day (4hours) 1 to 5 days 

*Best option if your child takes naps.

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$1600 ~ Full Day Support!

* Full day (8 hours)  1 to 5 days 

* Best option if your child no longer naps.

Also included with your private in-home consultation package

*In-home step-by-step guidance. 

*Readiness preparation plan. 

*Behavioral management techniques.

*Modeling proper responses and word script. 

*2 week access to messaging support.

*Practice outings ~ We visit your favorite buisness, restaurant or park.

*Customized potty training suppy list for travel bag.

*Personalized Amazon home supply list.

*Nanny training and grandparent guidance.

*Leave the cleanups to me!


**Parent or caregiver must be present.

Text me anytime, I'll respond within 24 hours. (714) 866-9182

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