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About Me
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Back in 1995, I embarked on a beautiful journey of marriage and parenthood, and over 25+ years and two grown boys later, I find immense joy in supporting and guiding new and growing families on their own unique parenting journeys.

Like many new parents, my first-time parenting experience wasn't without its challenges. From sleep deprivation and anxiety to mild postpartum depression, breastfeeding difficulties, and even a sense of lost identity, I've navigated it all. These experiences aren't just my past—they're the foundation that allows me to deeply understand the emotions involved in the transformative journey of carrying, birthing, and raising children.

Over the past 25 years of working closely with children and their parents, I've developed a profound love for supporting parents and addressing the needs of their children during crucial milestone stages. My own parenting experiences and professional journey have enriched my understanding and empathy for the challenges you might be facing right now.

My early interest in early childhood development, pursued in my early 20s, sparked a lifelong commitment to continuous learning in this field. Today, my enthusiasm for this vital work remains as steadfast as ever. My approach is rooted in compassion, understanding, and a deep desire to meet families exactly where they are.

Your parenting journey is unique and special, and my goal is to guide and support you based on your child's abilities, their individual needs, and your personal parenting preferences. This is about your family, your challenges, and your victories. I'm here to walk this path with you, offering the support and guidance you need to navigate this incredible journey with confidence and joy.

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Let's Connect 

Text me anytime. I will respond within 24 hours. 

(714) 866-9182

Text me anytime, I'll respond within 24 hours. (714) 866-9182

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